Undulatus Asperatus clouds over Lincoln NE on July 7, 2014


Undulatus Asperatus clouds over Lincoln NE on July 7, 2014


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And that is that the Giants must win.

Also world peace.

I might add, maybe, the RE-freezing of certain ice caps (you know who you are).

And to know the joy of a well-turned phrase. That’s lovely too.


An anonymous commenter who identifies her/himself as a funeral director has posted a magnificent rant to a Reddit thread, explaining all the ways that funeral directors con bereaved families into paying for things they don’t need, like $5000 painted plywood boxes and “barbaric,”…

This is the most amazing post ever. I just wish I hadn’t read it right before bed…

"It feels so good saying it: I am a strong, black lesbian woman. Every single time I say it, I feel so much better."
A real story of love and basketball. (via washingtonpost)

Awesome. So, so awesome.



Expect Many, Many Lawsuits From Ferguson

WASHINGTON — It’s been nine days since Michael Brown was shot, unarmed, in the middle of a street in Ferguson, Missouri, but civil rights and civil liberties legal advocates say the legal fallout from the shooting and its tumultuous aftermath are just beginning.  

“There will be lawsuits up the kazoo,” said Barbara Arnwine, the longtime president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, in an interview Sunday evening. “I think you’re going to see ripple after ripple of legal matters here in response to this outrageous situation.”

The cluster-you-know-what won’t be going away anytime soon.

Nope.   Nope nope nope nope.



A hidden retreat in this season’s swimwear

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Our most elaborate sports experience, though, was with the SF Giants baseball team. It was 1993, and the Giants had come within a day or two of being sold and moved to Tampa Bay. One of our production guys, Eric Colby, was a maniacal Giants fan, and he passed on to the band an invitation to sing the national anthem on opening day. …

Weir says yes. Like I say, Jerry’s not a serious baseball fan, but this is after all kind of a big moment in SF sports history. “OK, man, I’m in.” Vince Welnick draws up an arrangement – he described it as “Straight Sons of the Pioneers” – and off we go. Somehow, I’ve been elected road manager for the day. …

The complication was that the game was at 1pm, and sound check was at 10am – and traffic being what it was, they couldn’t leave the stadium. So for nearly three hours, I had to try, mightily, to entertain them. …

At some point I turned and saw three legends of SF baseball passing by – Willie McCovey, Gaylord Perry, and Willie Mays. Well, I turn into the introductions king, which works out fine – for a while. It turns out that Perry was Bob Weir’s favorite player, and they get to talking. And Willie McCovey is one of the planet’s gentlemen, and although I strongly doubt he has more than a very vague idea who Jerry is, he’s more than happy to socialize, so that’s cool.

Finally, I go up to Willie Mays, who’s sitting in a golf cart and, it turns out, is impatient to get to the team alumni gathering. “Mr. Mays, could I introduce you to Jerry Garcia, who’s going to sing the national anthem today?” “No,” he barked, and then yelled at Willie and Gaylord, “Come on, I want to get out of here.”

- Dennis McNally for Relix

Read the rest: "My Jerry (Dennis McNally Remembers Jerry Garcia"

Image: SFGiants via @tim_sprouls

A bright spot in an otherwise dismal week. And it’s only Tuesday.


    This man gave us so many happy moments. 


    This man gave us so many happy moments. 



August 9, 2014

Kauffman Stadium

Kansas City, Missouri

Photo by Jamie Squire

  1. Camera: Canon EOS-1D X
  2. Aperture: f/3.2
  3. Exposure: 1/4000th
  4. Focal Length: 754mm






ok do you see this Legendary Epic woman right here? this is wendy fucking carlos and i’m going to describe to you why wendy carlos is 30 thousand times better than you

  1. she is a 74 year old trans fucking woman. she remembers having dysphoria at age five and started hrt in 1968. you think transitioning is difficult now? try doing it in 1968. the thought scares the shit out of me.
  2. her first album, switched on bach, is a literal hour of her playing bach’s music on synthesizers. that’s classical edm. edm wouldn’t exist if she hadn’t brought synthesizers to prominence. the catch? synthesizers in 1968 were monophonic. that means you can only play one note at a time. wendy carlos sat there and played each instrument’s piece of bachs music at least 6 times per symphony, painstakingly overdubbing and rerecording each line, one at a time.
  3. oh yeah, switched on bach was the first classical album to sell more than 500k copies and she won 3 grammies and stayed on the billboard #1 pop charts for 17 weeks.
  4. you know tron? that really awesome movie whose sequel daft punk made the ost for? wendy is the original daft punk. tron’s soundtrack was all her; not only that, but so was a clockwork orange and the shining. 
  5. in 1998 this piece of shit momus (aka nick currie on wired) made a song mocking wendy’s sexual orientation. $50k of currie’ money later, she forced him to remove that song from his entire collection, have the master destroyed, and his music career fucking died after that.

figured i’d post this since daft punk keep getting a lot of love. i love daft punk, but they owe their lives to this fucking badass.

HOLY. CRAP. I did not know this.

work work work work work!

Wendy Carlos also scored Kubrick’s ‘Clockwork Orange’ and ‘The Shining.’ She’s a big deal, people.

Holy shit.

Impossible not to read a Werner Herzog interview without doing his voice in your head.  


A wonderful interview with Werner Herzog on soccer, his wonderful fatherless upbringing, the nature of reality, and, of course, Mel Brooks.

I told Mel, “Mel, you know what, I have seen an extraordinary film. Something you must see. You must see. It’s only at midnight screenings at the Nuart…

If only.



Mr. James Brown, everyone.

The Godfather.



Mr. James Brown, everyone.

The Godfather.


O.co Coliseum

August 4, 2014

Oakland, California

Photo by Brad Mangin